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Ball Valve Wafer Type With ISO Mounting PSQ72F-16P

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Product Description

Ball valve wafer type with ISO mounting is investment casting made 1pc flanged ball valve, design features such as super short one-piece compact structure, short distance between the valve seat and the end flange, less medium retention, superior sealing performance and long service life etc. Ball orifice can make as customer’s requirement to be O-port, V-port, curved port and rectangular port structure thus control the flow operation. Available for manual operation or ISO direct mounting platform apply to pneumatic or electric actuator.

Wafer thin ball valve widely used in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, grease, biotechnology, liquid detergent, metallurgy, paper making, shipbuilding etc, can transport the medium like soft particles and Fibrous liquid then automatically adjust the fluid operating and also used in vacuum field. Wafer thin ball valve is an ideal valve for modern industry.

Product type

Ball Valve Wafer Type With ISO Mounting


PSQ72F/ PSQ672F/ PSQ972F

Nominal diameter

NPS 1/2”~NPS 6” (DN15~DN150)

Operating pressure

PN16, 150Lb

Body Material

WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M etc

Trim material

304, 316, 316L

Seat seal material

PTFE, PPL, RTFE, PEEK or metal hard seal etc.

Connecting end


Design standard

GB/T 12237, ASME B16.34, JIS B2071, DIN 3357

Face to face

Pioneer’s Standard

End Connection

GB/T 9113, ASME B16.5, JIS B2212, DIN 2542

Inspection and test

GB/T 26480, API 598, JIS B2003, DIN 3230

Operation device

Handle, worm gear, signal, pneumatic, electric actuator

Design Feature

1) ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Platform

2) Investment Casting Body

3) Blowout Proof Stem

4) Optional Anti-static Device

5) Optional Locking Device Handle

6) Optional O-port, V-port, Curved Port, Rectangular port



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