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    WENZHOU PIONEER VALVE is located in China Valve City----Longwan District, with a distance of 5km to Wenzhou Airport, specialized in doing with ball valves for more than 20 years. Have Wafer Type Ball Valve enterprise standard, is a member of China valve industry association, China vacuum equipment i Read More
  • [Industry News] What is wafer type ball valve?


    Wafer type ball valves are a popular choice in various industries due to their compact design and versatile functionality. These valves are specifically designed to control the flow of fluids by utilizing a ball with a hole in the center. The main advantage of wafer type ball valves is their space-saving design, which allows for easy installation between flanges. Read More
  • [Industry News] What is heating jacketed ball valve?


    Heating jacketed ball valves are a crucial component in various industries, providing efficient and reliable control of flow in piping systems. But what exactly is a heating jacketed ball valve? In this article, we will explore the inner workings of these valves and uncover their numerous applications. Read More
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WENZHOU PIONEER VALVE is a technology innovation-based valve manufacturer located in China since 1993.




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